Week 7 Reflection


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What: this week we had the disco and me and finn dressed up as lady we both had lipstick high heels a dress a wig and purse. We looked fabulous and pretty . I also had inter school athletics and I came 3rd in long jump and I’m a year 5. and Conan came first in high jump! This week me and the rest of the meral group finished there paintings we are going show the whole school the painting today. We all have our own little speech about our merals . There are four of them.

So What: I learnt how to use the green screen in imovie  in my m.m.m ( Multi Media Missions) you video the scene put it in imovie then drag a photo in then click green screen( please watch my movie below).

Now What: Next week I want to try and organize Monday fun day.

Flat Fillar


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he is my flat fillar story hope you like it

A Day in the Life of Flat StanleyWALT: think outside the square and write creatively

Success Criteria:

  • Words that are imaginative and maybe made up!
  • Use imagery – create a picture in peopleʼs minds
  • Use a range of language features e.g similes, adjectives,
  • metaphors
  • Ideas are going to be original
  • Some ideas will be shared and used in different way

Task: Write a creative story about a ʻDay in the Life of…ʼ your character

  1. Brainstorm/ Planning
  2. Name your character/s
  3. Set the scene – where is your story going to take place?
  4. Your character needs to become flat or invisible somehow…How does this happen? When does it happen?
  5. Introduce and describe the physical features of your character… Make the reader be able to picture in their mind what your character looks like.
  6. What sorts of adventures / events happen to your character? at school, at home, in the playground, on holiday, at the beach, at the Plaza, at the park…

My Character Sketch


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“Paint a picture of your character with words”

WALT: Write with imagery (show not tell)

Imagery is the use of vivid description, usually rich in sensory words, to create pictures, or images, in the reader’s mind.

TASK: Describe a character in a way that the reader gets a clear picture of them in their
Success Criteria:
I can Provide some interesting details about the character, (perhaps using an anecdote);
I can show the reader some honest feelings about the character;
I can use specific vocabulary, especially adjectives and verbs;
I can use language features that illustrate and support the image of the character (for example, similes [compare using ‘like’ or ‘as’] or dialogue).

I hope you enjoy my character sketch of my dad (Doug)

My Bird Art


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Shape Bird Art
WALT: to use water colours effectively.Success Criteria:

  • I have used watercolours to make a background, blending yellow and red
  • Dabbed background to make it have a ‘splotchy’ effect
  • Contrasting colours between background and foreground (bird)
  • I have a bold vivid outline
  • My picture has an interesting range of shapes
  • I have used pastels to colour in shapes with vibrant colours
  • My bird is an abstract design (not realistic

MMMs (Multi-Media-Mission)


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WALT: Use SiSoMo effectively.

– Clear images
– good lighting/minimal shadows
– Interesting camera angles
– Connected/well matched to sound
– Title and/or captions
– Credits
– sounds match the actions
– some music, to set the tone/scene or mood
– message communicated with some voice
– message communicated with some sound effects
– all sounds clear
– small movements = smooth animation


Think of something that interests you/you really enjoy. e.g hobbies/sports/games/activities

Decide how you could share this interest with others through an animation.

What will people see?

What will people hear?

What movement will there be?

Athletics post


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WALT: Reflect on our learning
on monday we had athletics it was at massy university
when we got there was a huge track long jump high jump shot pot discus javelin and house relays
first we went and sat in our houses and years and ebony told us how the day was planed out
me and the year 5s went to javelin the  In the year 5s where Ethan, Reif , Jack, James, Jaden ,Eli and
 Jakob. there were two types of javelin vortex and some long spongy things I went first with Ethan. We both had vortexes.
Ethan threw first it was pretty long but I just bet him. when the rest had gone my one was still the longest I won. then It was long jump. I am really good at long jump and I won again! and when I  jumped  there was a guy at the other side of the pit and he took a picture of me and I got in the NEWS PAPER.
After that we went back to our houses  for  brunch. then after that we did high jump sprints and hurdles. I came first in all of those as well.after lunch we had the final two shot put and discus I was so nervous because was dying to try and win everything. the balls we quite light but it got heavier every time you threw it.
I threw last and just got in front of james who was first then we went on to round two. nearly everyones throw didn’t move up or down. then it was on to round three! I was so nervous I nearly peed. This time I was first I threw as hard as I could the ball passed the flag that marked my other one. I WON. Then we went onto the final one. Discus. Now I was really really really really NERVOUS . Because I  knew I sucked at discus I didn’t even really new how to throw it correctly . when it was my turn my first two went out and my last one didn’t go far at all. I came 4th!  was gutted. But at least I came first in in everything else. Now was the most exciting part of athletics house relays!!!!!!!!!!!!
we had Hunter Tane  Coby and Nick for the relays kiwi won last year and I knew we would win again
3..2..1 GO! Hunter gave us I great starting then he passed it to tane he ran it up two coby and then ran as fast as he could up to the teachers all the teachers we head two head Lou was in the lead but Nick just got in front and won it for kiwi! ( Cant wait intel next year)

Athletics millar and cam


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Athletics millar and cam on PhotoPeach

Seed 2 table ( Ross)


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WALT: Reflect on our learning
for the last week of the term we went to ross intermediate. The menu was ..

  • Stuffing balls
  • chicken meatballs
  • etonmess
  •  mini hunza pies and pavlova
we walked to ross when we got to school when we got there, there where 6 mini kitchen in one big kitchen so each group got a little kitchen. In each kitchen there where a micro wave a stove oven table chopping board and knife  forks and plates. The best part of going to ross that it was all cooking and that we got to do everything self directed and this time we got to work with meat
three things I learnt was  how to work self directed in the kitchen and know when the meat is cooked.when we had finished the cooking we put out the table with plates and cutlery. The first thing I ate was the stuffing balls it was plain but then the herbs gave it a zing of flavor. the second thing I ate was the chicken meatballs, they were a little sweet but I enjoyed it. Then it was the mini hunza pies honestly I didn’t like them but they looked really good they had a pastry out side and in the middle there where lots of rice and herbs and it looked really good.The one thing  that I am proud of is working independently

Seed 2 table post week 3


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W.A.L.T  Reflect on our Learning .This Week in seed 2 table my group started in the garden. The menu was pumpkin pie ,Danish pastry tarts and home made pasta with tomato and basil sauce.In the garden we learnt about hemlock it  is in the carrot family and It  looks like a carrot but it is highly poisones. Then we went on to cooking in the kitchen. We made the pumpkin pie. when we where mushing up the pumpkins the table collapsed and it made a huge mess.I am proud of trying and eating everything on my plate. Can’t wait in till next week

Week 3 goal


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My goal for this week is to try is to really engage  when we do seed to table because its fascinating how many new things you can learn.I hope to try and learn 10 thing from seed to table and I want to try and learn some new technics and tricks to do in javelin and shot put .

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